Dance In Education



Afon Community Dance specialises in delivering high quality Creative Dance sessions in schools in South Wales.

There are many benefits to having Creative Dance included in your school; it has seen positive impacts on personal development, academic learning, mental health, creativity, social skills and physical health. Afon’s Creative Dance in Education sessions reflect the principles highlighted for the new Curriculum for Wales 2022.

Exploration through dance brings themes taught in the classroom to life through movement and imagination. This style of dance and teaching makes for an all-inclusive learning environment, and encourages self-motivated learning as well as improving listening, cooperating and leadership skills.

Through these sessions participants have the opportunity to respond and reflect to the work they create and the work of others. This contributes to building respect, improving communication and problem solving.

Creative Dance sessions are designed to explore movement by drawing inspiration from a range of stimuli including curriculum themes, music, props, emotions and working with others.

“A fantastic way of enhancing the curriculum as the lessons are tailored to fit into your topic. Apart from the creative aspect, it promotes great teamwork, personal confidence and I was amazed at the way that it engaged certain children who have never shown any interest in dance type activities. Hugely popular with the children, staff and parents.”

– Mr. Carmichael, Headteacher at Coedylan Primary School


“The Creative Dance in Education programme provided by Afon, fosters the inclusive approach of the Expressive Arts Area of Learning. Our learners have been able to explore, respond to and create their own work while engaging in authentic experiences. This exciting opportunity to work with Afon has helped us in our move towards putting the principles of Curriculum for Wales 2022 into practice. ”

– Mrs. Brady, Deputy Head at Llandough Primary School

The team at Afon Community Dance are highly skilled and passionate about the work we do and strive to bring quality dance experiences into your schools.